Lindsey Ellison

People thought I had it all – the fairy tale life and two beautiful children. But deep down I was silently suffering in my marriage. I was afraid to admit I wasn’t in love with my husband. I realized I married the wrong guy, and that my marriage was emotionally toxic. Leaving that marriage was the hardest move I ever did – and starting my life over at 35 years old left me in scary, unchartered waters.

I soon realized that many people silently suffer through their toxic marriages, and they often stay in them because they think they have to, or that they don’t have the confidence to leave. I began writing blogs and articles that hit a major nerve with millions of people, and overnight my coaching business was launched.

Today, I am founder of Start Over. Find Happiness, a coaching practice that helps people navigate through their divorce or break up, and how to go from pain to peace. Through my numerous online coaching programs, as well as individual coaching with people worldwide, I have empowered thousands to take charge of their relationships, and live a life they love. I am now happily remarried and share my secret strategies on how to find happy, healthy love with themselves, and with others.

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