What is happiness and how do we achieve it? My guest Mike Duffy actually has a formula for it, based on his research and the wisdom of thought leaders. Our conversation on forgiveness, especially, could help you get one step closer to being happy!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Managing negative thinking
  • The ‘purpose + progress = happiness’ formula and what it means
  • The law of reciprocity and how it relates to happiness
  • Finding your purpose


Happiness Hall of Fame
Mike Duffy Speaks
Happiness Wealth Management
TEDxBerkley Talk

About Mike Duffy:

Author and speaker Mike Duffy is the founder of the non-profit Happiness Hall Of Fame, which recognizes and encourages people and organizations that have advanced the cause of happiness.

Duffy is also CEO of Happiness Wealth Management, which helps clients with money management so they can do the things that make them happy, like traveling and engaging in philanthropic giving.

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