Transforming The Way We Listen

Transforming The Way We Listen

Being a good listener is critical to building healthy relationships. It’s easy for us to think we are good listeners when, in reality, there is still a lot to learn. 

My guest on this episode is Christine Miles, and she will help you transform the way you listen. Chistine is the founder of EQuipt, a training and consulting company that uses a method called The Listening Path to help improve organizations and create cultures of understanding. She has taught at various Fortune 100 corporations, universities, law firms, and privately-held companies nationwide.

Episode highlights:

  • What good listening means
  • What to focus on first during conflict resolution
  • What you can do if you feel someone isn’t listening to you 
  • Tips on communicating with children and teens 


EQUIPT website

‘What Is It Costing You Not To Listen?’ book

Common Parenting Mistakes During Divorce

Common Parenting Mistakes During Divorce

This discussion with the founders of Best Self Magazine will help you avoid parenting mistakes during a breakup or divorce. Bill Miles and Kristen Noel are the creators of the Best Self Intuitive Divorce Coaching Program, which focuses on achieving the best outcomes for kids during a divorce.

Together they help parents in the early stages of divorce avoid unnecessary pain and suffering, so they can take control of their divorce before it takes control of them.  

Episode highlights:

  • What it means to have an intuitive divorce
  • Using divorce to reframe and improve your next chapter in life
  • Issues parents commonly struggle with during divorce
  • How children process divorce

Best Self Intuitive Divorce Program

Financial Independence After Divorce with Rachael Burns

Financial Independence After Divorce with Rachael Burns

When I got divorced, I felt like I didn’t know anything about finances because my husband had always managed our money. It was a scary situation, and I had no confidence in my financial  future. If you find yourself in a similar situation, my guest Rachael Burns has some solid advice for women on how to achieve financial independence after the loss of their partner. 

Episode highlights:

  • How to take control of day-to-day finances when you’re newly single 
  • The importance of taking stock of your assets
  • The process of negotiation 

About Rachael Burns

Rachael Burns is a certified financial planner and a certified divorce financial analyst. She helps newly-single women achieve financial independence after the loss of their partner to death or divorce. 

eBook by Rachael Burns

5 Things Newly Single Women Should Do to Protect Their Finances

Instagram: @trueworthFP

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Getting Out of Your Pain Alive with George Kalantzis

Getting Out of Your Pain Alive with George Kalantzis

I remember the time in my life when I was at my lowest. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get out of all the pain alive. Maybe you have been there or you are there right now.

My guest George Kalantzis has also been at that point. George is a combat veteran, a podcast host, and author of the book Nowhere To Go. He shares his story of overcoming a suicide attempt and finding a life of meaning, inspiration, and empowerment.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why George decided not to commit suicide
  • His journey toward making peace with his family and childhood
  • How you can trust the unknown

Instagram: @_georgekalantzis

DM George on Instagram for a free digital copy of his book.


The ABC’s for Maintaining Boundaries: Always Be Curious

The ABC’s for Maintaining Boundaries: Always Be Curious

When we are triggered, our initial instinct is to fight back or stand up for ourselves using words that often come out as confrontational. Immediately after the trigger, we produce a negative thought, which leads to a negative emotion, which always produces a negative outcome. But if you use my ABC method, it will mitigate the negative thought from occurring, and thus, give you a much better outcome!

“Always Be Curious” will help you put resentment and unresolved anger aside and give you the upper hand, rather than leaving a situation feeling hurt and vulnerable. It will save you a lot of stress, so take a listen!

Episode highlights:

  • How not to engage with or react to a person’s bad mood
  • How to stay grounded and remain your authentic self when you are caught off guard
  • How to neutralize power struggles

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