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Coaching is very different from psychological therapy. With a coach, you will develop a unique and intimate relationship, where communication is constant, and not just dedicated to coaching calls/appointments. In my coaching practice, I hold my calls via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom video, and work with women and men all over the world. I utilize a confidential coaching protocol where customized exercises help my clients do the “work” in-between calls. These exercises consist of ideas for shifting your mindset and practicing positive thinking. We work together throughout the length of the contract – and you have access to me via text or email, whenever you need that added support.

What’s my ideal client?

Over the years my coaching has evolved from helping people navigate their actual divorce, to helping people through separation and post-divorce growth, and I’m more focused on the latter. Why? Because I’ve realized that my most successful clients have already left their traumatic environment, and are no longer in survival mode. Once you are able to live beyond your survival emotions, you are able to develop new thoughts and deprogram old patterns – that’s my coaching sweet spot and that’s where the BIG changes occur! My ideal client is either newly separated or divorced, newly broken up, and/or looking to start their new life, begin dating, learn coparenting strategies, learn how to coparent with a narcissist and/or no longer attract a narcissist, and the like. If that’s you, then please fill out the form below.  Your submission is 100% confidential – I do not share, sell, rent, or market the information provided below – guaranteed.

If you are still married and looking for a way to exit the marriage, or are struggling on how to navigate the legal ramifications, I no longer coach on this subject but I do have resources! Please feel free to send me a note with a question, listen to my podcast, sign up for my blogs, or check out my resources page.

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