I want to share with you an inspiring story of a warrior who overcame what she once thought was impossible. Susie Pettit went through a tumultuous divorce and knew she had to break a pattern of codependency if she wanted to create a life filled with happiness. 

She is now taking the important lessons she learned during this difficult time and coaching others about setting healthy boundaries and breaking away from people-pleasing. 

Our conversation might help you or a loved one identify codependency issues and stop these harmful patterns of behavior. 

Episode Highlights

  • How to recognize codependency
  • The difference between codependent and interdependent relationships
  • How books and movies often promote codependent behavior
  • The importance of realizing we are not responsible for other people’s feelings

About Susie Pettit

Life Coach Susie Pettit is the owner of Strength: Mind & Body, LLC. Her goal is to help women create lives they love. She helps her clients through mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral coaching. 

Susie teaches on topics like battling codependency, parenting teens, and overcoming stress. She is the mother of three sons. 

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Instagram: @smb.wellness

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