You meet someone for the first time. The passion is head-spinning. You feel like you’ve known them forever. But then, they begin to pull back. And just when you’re ready to say goodbye, they come back into your life. And the cycle keeps repeating itself.

I call this drunk love. In this episode, I break down the characteristics of a love addict and a love avoidant, and how you can be both. But more importantly, the key indicators for a healthy relationship, and how you can break the cycle of unhealthy love.

And, if this sounds like you, and you are serious about ending this unhealthy love pattern, schedule your FREE breakthrough session today and let’s talk!

Episode highlights:

  • What typically causes love addiction
  • The difference between a love addict and a love avoidant and why they attract
  • The characteristics of healthy love
  • How things can get better and how I can help – because I’ve been there, too!

This month, I’m taking on new clients who are interested in solving their love addiction. Reach out to me and schedule a breakthrough session! I hope to hear from you soon!

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