How many times have you texted your ex and gotten no response? Or when you ask for reimbursement on something and you lose track of all that you are owed? Or what about all those texts between the tow of you and you can’t keep track of all that back and forth? Finally, there’s a solution and it’s called Fayr – a robust app that makes coparenting easier. I talk with Michael Daniels, founder of Fayr and divorced father of two. He shares his personal story of his divorce, losing everything, living out of his car and his big idea that got him back on his feet, helping millions of parents struggling with coparenting.

Ready to get the app? Go to and sign up using the discount code “Lindsey1” – NOTE: You must go through website and not the app store to get the discount!

P.S. – Check out his appearance on Planet of the Apps, Apple TV’s reality show for rising tech stars HERE and see how Gwyneth Paltrow backs his investment. Pretty cool!

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