Have you ever wanted to share your personal story either by writing a book or starting a podcast? Finding your voice and then being able to speak it authentically is what today’s episode is all about. I’m talking with Jackie McDougall who is an expert on coaching people on how to find their voice from within and crafting a story that is uniquely theirs.

I’m incredibly passionate about this topic because if it wasn’t for me finding my voice, and being able to share my story with you every week, I’d be missing out on one of the most intimate pleasures in life; connecting with others in the most amazing way. I hope this episode inspires you to tell your story from your voice within so that you can change the world, because you absolutely can.

Episode Highlights:

  • We are all born worthy; then we begin to listen to outside influencers who tell us who we are, how to be, and what they think we are worth
  • Ask this question, “Whose story am I perpetuating? Is this my voice?”
  • Jackie shares strategies for cultivating your voice
  • How to discover the uniqueness of your story
  • Why Jackie believes mid-life is a magical time

About Jackie MacDougall:

When you’re creating a new podcast, launching a brand, building an online community or producing content for a large-scale live event, there are three words you hear over and over again: Call Jackie MacDougall.

A broadcast professional for over two decades, Jackie’s been the driving creative force on major projects for NBC, Warner Brothers and Disney, among many others. She’s served as the go-to person to help A-list talent, experts and others establish a unique voice and build community.

More recently, Jackie’s combined her extensive media experience and passion for supporting women over 40 to launch The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide, a podcast and robust community that connects women in midlife with the experts, resources and brands they need to thrive. Jackie also shares her unique vision and no-nonsense approach with experts, entrepreneurs and influencers who are ready to get clear on their goals and get their message out into the world.

Jackie launched Forty Thrive, an enthusiastic community of women who are committed to kickstarting the second half of their lives. A true mentor and creative leader, Jackie provides women with the tools and connections they need to take their lives to the next level through the online community and podcast.

Connect with Jackie through her websitepodcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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