“When you take away the illusions and defenses you had to deal with growing up, the path to authenticity becomes very clear” -Dion, Breakup Breakthrough graduate.

Rarely do I get the chance to interview men who have overcome narcissistic abuse, because so few like to openly talk about it. But this week, I’m honored to have you meet Dion, my client and recent Breakup Breakthrough graduate, who shares his rise out of an abusive marriage and finding a life filled with peace and joy.

Dion found me after realizing therapy took him as far as he could go. Yet he still had questions about why he continued to fall into similar patterns of toxicity. He knew something needed to change within himself but didn’t know what. Through our work together, he has been able to discover remarkable changes in his life, relationships, and his newfound passion with novel writing.

He shares his new skill of recognizing his wounded child’s thoughts and how he “short circuits”  them by stepping into his true reality. I hope you are inspired by Dion’s strength and resiliency, as much as I am!

Episode Highlights:

  • Dion shares his experience of being in a 12-year toxic marriage
  • How the severity of depression led him to therapy and ultimately my program
  • Dion explains how when you face your childhood trauma and how it shaped you, coupled with a knowledge that your emotions are generated within yourself, a huge light bulb goes on, and it’s truly liberating
  • When we expose our ego states and rediscover the authentic self, profound changes happen in all areas of life including love, relationships, and careers
  • His realization that when we learn to regulate our emotions, we can model those behaviors to our children as well
  • Dion offers some advice for men who are experiencing or think they may be experiencing abuse

Resources and Links:
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