The most common question I get from my clients or readers is, “What if I’m the narcissist?” This is a question wrought with fear. And it often comes from the actual narcissist, accusing you of being a narcissist.  If you think you’re a narcissist, then that means you are concerned about other people’s feelings, as well as questioning your own behavior and taking accountability for it. This is the exact opposite of how a narcissist thinks and operates.  

Your biggest problem with a narcissist isn’t worrying if you are one, but instead, it’s how you think of them, how you see them, and mostly how you see yourself. In this episode, I break down how you view the narcissist in your life may be working against you and what you can do instead.  Thinking like a narcissist does not mean you are one. But it does mean you are no longer stuck in a frenzied, scared mindset.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Why you must stop fearing what a narcissist says, does, or thinks of you 
  • The importance of breaking down the illusions and thought distortions we once used to survive our childhood or past traumas 
  • The reason you must see a narcissist as a squirrel and not as a bear  
  • How a narcissist sees you, is ultimately how you see you 
  • A narcissist is terrified to be seen as who they really are, but so are you

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