The majority of my listeners and clients are women. Many people think this is by choice and that I market specifically to women. That’s actually not the case. My theory as to why I have fewer male clients is that men often suffer in silence, especially when they are dealing with a narcissistic spouse or partner. 

In my opinion, female narcissists can be far more covert and manipulative than male narcissists. Women can be verbally and emotionally abusive to men, but our culture often keeps us from believing that a man can be a victim. This can make men ashamed to talk about their struggles and seek help. Men deserve all of the support and resources available to have a healthy and less traumatic divorce and we must help them get there. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Men and women have the same emotions about divorce and breakups, they just tend to manifest differently
  • Why men tend to be more isolated during divorce than women
  • Why being the nice guy often fails
  • How to spot your codependency in a relationship

About Jude Sandvall:

Jude Sandvall, also known as The Divorced Dadvocate, has made it his life’s mission to connect men who are going through divorce with the resources they need to feel supported, be healthy, and thrive. His work helps men navigate their lives when it comes to issues like legal challenges, parenting skills, co-parenting, and dating with kids.

Jude is a divorced, single father of three children. As an Integrative Wellness & Life Transformation Coach and Integrative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, he uses cutting-edge approaches to coach fathers. He assists dads with creating a vision for their lives after divorce and uncovering hidden challenges that may be sabotaging them. 

Jude has a podcast called The Divorced Dadvocate and a website by the same name. You can take his Divorce Quiz to see how you compare to others going through the challenges of divorce. 

Divorced Dadvocate Website

Divorce Quiz

The Divorced Dadvocate podcast

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