How many times a day do you find your inner critic getting in the way of your success, dreams, or relationships? Are you even aware of how much it sabotages your authentic self from rising and thriving in your life? Today I am talking all about the inner critic with Leadership Expert, Maureen Ross Gemme.

Episode Highlights:

  • Maureen’s unique approach to inner critic management begins with giving a name to your inner critic voice  
  • Some of the ways the inner critic shows up in our lives
  • What to do when the inner critic shows up during times of reinvention 
  • Why it is important to have an internal and external support system
  • Maureen’s 5-step process for managing your inner critic
  • Plan for the obstacles, and also, plan for the fun things

About Maureen Ross Gemme:

Maureen Ross Gemme is the CEO of Emerge Leadership Academy, a motorcycle riding grandmother and personal growth advocate. Maureen trains and coaches leaders who want to make an impact. She’s also a personality expert and she helps her clients and audiences own their own gifts, embrace their differences, and the diversity of others to build better relationships. 

After living through her teenage years as a drug addict and an alcoholic, Maureen stepped into recovery and she created an awesome life. She is also the host of her podcast called Emerge. Evolve. Lead.  

Connect with Maureen through her websiteFacebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Resources and Links:
Maureen’s website
Emerge, Evolve, Lead. Podcast
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