Join relationship coach Lindsey Ellison for guidance and inspiration on how to navigate your breakup or divorce. Whether you are newly divorced or single, Lindsey uncovers all the pain points with her refreshing advice and the necessary sense of humor.

Topics include: Expert advice on all things divorce and breaking up, dating after divorce, good sex, bad sex, the importance of self-love, setting boundaries, how to find love again, loving toxic partners, as well as Lindsey’s own journey of divorce and rediscovery that has inspired millions of men and women around the world.

When We Heal, Miracles Happen

When We Heal, Miracles Happen

Today I’m sharing an unbelievable story about a miracle that happened in my life and its message of forgiveness. I share my experience in hopes that you can find a piece of my story that is relatable to you and your life. In order to understand the present, I first...

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