I am living proof that I was able to overcome abuse, find healthy love, and create a better version of myself. My personal growth, and my newfound love of life, came mostly from reading the books I recommend here. My success resulted from researching two genres: clinical and spiritual. The clinical research explored all aspects of narcissism and codependency, so I could understand why and how dysfunctional relationships occur. The spiritual research explored the missing link of self-love, why we lose it, and how to get it back. When I combined the two, something magical happened. Not only did my pain go away, I felt happy and at peace. I hope, through your research, you will find a similar path.

Clinical Resource Books

Spiritual Resource Books

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh

Awaken the Inner Shaman by Jose Luis Stevens

Web Resources and Other Inspiring Tidbits

Narcissist Abuse Support – If you’re looking for online support groups or affordable group coaching, this is the place to start.

My Favorite YouTube Channels/Videos

Lindsey Ellison (yours truly!) I’m just getting this channel going but please subscribe!

Tracy Malone – Plus check out my interview with Tracy here.

Ross Rosenburg, author of The Human Magnet Syndrome. Also watch my interview with Ross here.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Marisa Peer, You Are Enough

TD Jakes, The Stumbling Stage

Jason Stephenson, Sleep Meditations

Dauchsy, Manifesting through Meditation

Movies that Inspire

If you haven’t yet discovered Gaia TV, you’re in for a treat! These links take you directly to Gaia’s website, but if you have Web TV you can access Gaia through Amazon Prime for just a small fee. Help support these amazing film makers bringing us healthy must-see TV!

The Power of The Heart


The Shadow Effect


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