How many times a day do you hear a voice inside you that is putting you down? I hear it multiple times. It’s not really my voice, though. It’s a culmination of voices that I’ve heard over the years criticizing me.

My guest Jacquie Elliott has a name for it: abusive brain chatter. This episode will help you get the tools you need to find the loving voice that’s within you.

Jacquie is a certified life, relationship, and spiritual coach who leads retreats that help women find their purpose and let go of things that are blocking them from moving forward.

You’ll also get a sneak peek of her forthcoming book the ABC’s of Abusive Brain Chatter.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to quiet abusive thoughts
  • Why it’s good to challenge your core beliefs
  • How to tap into your inner voice and become your divine highest self
  • Why people pleasers are actually manipulative

Jacquie Elliott’s Website 

Spa For the Soul Retreat: Oct. 14-16

Instagram – @jacquieelliottclc

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