Today I’m sharing an unbelievable story about a miracle that happened in my life and its message of forgiveness. I share my experience in hopes that you can find a piece of my story that is relatable to you and your life.

In order to understand the present, I first need to take you back to the past. In this episode, I detail the traumatic event that happened when I was six years old and how it resurfaced in 2020, in more ways than one! The moment I was able to accept not knowing the truth about my past and forgive those involved, was precisely when the truth showed up.  This story is a testament that when we heal, miracles happen.

Episode Highlights:

  • My story of realizing that unresolved trauma made my life dysfunctional and unmanageable.
  • A surprising revelation: When I began to unravel my trauma, I discovered hidden anger that was the source of what held me back
  • The miraculous story of how I finally learned the version of the story I’ve been searching for, for over 40 years.

Resources and Links:

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