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I firmly believe that a breakup or divorce is our greatest invitation to return to our highest Self. It is like a GPS that guides us back to who we truly are, and who we are meant to be. For every failed relationship, we are spiritually called to discover our highest potential. Joy and peace are waiting for you on the other side of your pain. It is my mission to help you get there.

If you have been receiving my free, daily email Blessons of a Breakup, or have been following my podcast, then you have already learned about your ego’s role in your heartbreak and failed relationships. Your ego operates from the stored data of your past and produces a programming language called your Belief System. Your Belief System produces thoughts that create worry, pain, sadness, anxiety, which I call B.S. That’s right, those thoughts are actually lies produced by your ego, and it tricks you into thinking they are true (which is why they are bull shit, B.S.!).

You must learn a new language to replace your B.S. But, like with any new foreign language, it’s not easy to learn by yourself. Should you choose to learn it on your own, which is entirely possible, it may take months or years because your former B.S. will likely tell you to quit because it’s taking too long. This is why you need a teacher or mentor to give you the tools to guide you, so that you can see results within weeks, not months.

If you are ready to eradicate your B.S. and learn a new way of thinking that will naturally dissolve your pain, then sign up for a free breakthrough session with me. In just one call, we will get to the root of your pain, and you will have clarity on your next steps. But, before you book, please make sure you match the requirements on who this session is for:

  • You acknowledge that nothing has worked for you thus far and are willing to try a new approach
  • You’re a go getter – you’re successful in life except you have yet to master the love department
  • You’re willing to invest in the time and resources required to get out of your B.S.
  • You’re out of the relationship and not looking for ways to get back in it

If that’s you, book a session now!

If that isn’t you just yet, keep reading my Blessons and subscribe to my Podcast. But please know this: should you not be willing to change your B.S. about relationships, the toxic cycle will continue, and each new relationship will continue to bring more suffering. The suffering will only stop when you choose to return Home to You and your true Self. My role is to guide you back to You.

“I felt compelled to write Lindsey about how incredibly grateful I am for her. It was by chance that I found her at exactly the time in my life when I needed someone just like her. Through the hardest, most confusing, frightening time in my life, when I was faced with so much guilt and judgement, she was the one person that I could always turn to. She always knew exactly what to say, encouraging me to make the hard decisions when I didn’t think I had the strength and helping me to see clearly through the very murky waters of divorce. No therapist, family member or friend provided me with even a sliver of what she has given to me–hope, courage and the strength to finally live my truth. Thank you seems almost trivial. She has an incredible gift and I feel so, so lucky to have found her.”

Sara M.

Miami, FL

“Lindsey has been with me every step of the way. When I first started working with her, I was really depressed and felt like I was never going to get through the horrible situation I was in. Her recommended readings, her guidance on journaling and enlightening me to a more positive force in my life, I was able to grow, become strong and understand what brought me to the situations I encountered and going forward how to change my way of thinking and my life so my cycle of bad relationships stop. What’s even better, I am now engaged and have met the love of my life. I couldn’t be happier! Every time I see Lindsey I say, ‘Thank you! This is all because of you!’ “

Marguerite J.

Annapolis, Maryland

“I approached Lindsey to coach me after listening to her podcast. I had found the courage and inner strength to leave my abusive husband of 18 years, but after 12 months of healing on my own, I found myself feeling stuck and unhappy. I couldn’t understand why because I was free of the constant stress and fear of what mood my ex was in when he walked in the door after work. Asking Lindsey to coach me was a life changing decision! I have learnt so much about myself and am learning to love the strong beautiful woman I am. I am taking bold steps towards complete healing with Lindsey’s wisdom, encouragement and guidance.”

Julie G.

Melbourne, Australia

“I’m in awe of how much I’ve grown even since I started working with Lindsey! There are so many reasons why I would recommend her. She is extremely knowledgeable and also has a lot of personal life experience, but more importantly, she is kind. It feels good to know that a person who is able to offer information, insight, and empathy is also genuinely on your team. Her kindhearted nature is not something you come across every day. She supports me, and she truly cares about me. I really recommend sticking with Lindsey’s coaching for the long-run because even when you think life is good again, it can get even better with her continuous help.”

Anna L.

Baltimore, Maryland

“Lindsey was the only person who totally understood me. It’s as if she had lived my life and had been married to my ex-husband!! I thought I was the only one suffering from the wrath of a narcissist! Her guidance and program was the best thing I’ve done for myself!”

Ashley R.

Atlanta, Georgia

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